If you are keen on angel investing but don’t have access to high quality startups or the time to evaluate multiple startups, it may be better for you to invest via syndicates.

Investing in startups, by its very nature of investing in very young, unlisted companies, is challenging. More so, if you are just starting up as an angel investor.

Do you have access to the best founders working on the most compelling opportunities, at an early stage and often, even before they have launched or announced their startup?

Do you have time to evaluate many startups and decide which…

Raising early-stage capital from individual angel investors is both challenging and time-consuming for the founders. Angel Syndicates are emerging as a powerful and efficient alternative for founders, to raise early-stage funding.

If you are a successful entrepreneur and raising capital for your next venture, frankly, many investors will knock on your door, with a cheque book in hand.

But if you are a first-time founder of a startup at an early stage and you need capital to either build your product or demonstrate an early proof-of-concept, it may not be easy to land that first cheque.

Reading the newspapers and…

Waveform Ventures

Waveform Ventures is a syndicate of India’s best angels. We invest $100k to $500k in early stage startups in India. Write to us at hello@waveform.vc

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